Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today - New Moon in Aquarius

Today's New Moon in Aquarius brought to you buy Mars...

The energy today was heavy. New moons are supposed to be new beginnings, fresh starts. But every day for me lately seems like groundhog's day - pun intended. I was slogging through the snow on my way to work and slogging home through the slush. Heaviness was most definitely prevalent.

Mars was hanging out with the moon and sun today and Saturn contacted them all by a sweet trine. But as sweet are trines should be, anything with Mars and Saturn is going to be combustible. Throw in the Moon and the Sun and egos and emotions are running in high gear.

For me this day wreaked of inconsideration. But even still, Aquarius is best when people get together - so if you were able to emote (moon) your issues (sun/mars) to others (Aquarius), necessary feedback was sympathetic (moon).

Thank goodness. :)


  1. Today sucked donkey's balls. The new Moon made a harsh T-square in my chart and HELLO that is not fun! WTF is the sun already! Hurry up spring!

    Oh, and a kick in the balls to your shitty co-worker, too. xo

  2. The new moon squared my Ascendant along with Mars, so I'm not surprised there was such a blow out. But I went to the gym and took a hot bubble bath with wine to let it all wash away. :)

  3. Hi, Alicia

    First time to your place, and yes the New Moon was heavy. It was in my 1st and my hubby's 5th ... so the angle was intense with walls up and words flying. Not very nice play, Saturn says from my 9th House Libra.

    Walks in the woods helped a little. Rain on the roof cleaning sh*t up ... tick, tock.

    The Year of the Rabbit hops on,