Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grand trine

I have what is called a dissociate grand trine. This is an aspect pattern that looks like a big equilateral triangle spread across my chart. Grand trines are known for being within one element. For example, having a planet in all three fire signs at 120° from their neighboring fire sign would make such a triangle.
The issue with my grand trine is that two of the water signs, Pisces and Cancer, have planets in very late degrees. However, they still form a trine to the third planet which has stealthily crept into the next sign, Sagittarius, a fire sign. Since the third planet in my grand trine is in a different element there is a bit of intrigue within this aspect pattern. A common description you might hear about grand trines is that they promote laziness, somewhat like "life offered on a silver platter". But if you don't know how to use the opportunities afforded to you by this silver platter, your gifts can easily go to waste. I like to think that the jolt of fire in my grand trine lifts me out of the complacent pattern, but that's not always the case.

I discovered something I never thought of before regarding my grand trine. The pattern in my chart involves the Sun (Pisces), the Moon (Cancer) and Uranus (Sagittarius). This thought came to my mind today, somewhat out of the blue, "I do not like other people holding me down, whether it is through their conscious will over me or my own thoughts about them". This is an ongoing theme in my life. No one can tell me (Uranus) how I should be (Sun) and they certainly can't tell me how I should feel (Moon). If they do, I will inevitably rebel or just detach (Uranus).

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