Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog obsession

So I'm obsessed with a blogger I found not too long ago, Melissa at I started reading her blog when Greg and I started seriously talking about making babies. I have mentioned her blog before in a previous post, but I can't figure out the obsession. Sure, she's totally adorable. Sure, she takes pictures daily. Sure, she's awfully and unabashedly sentimental. But dang, I am straight up obsessed. I mean how could you not be? The video she posted today was so darling, it brought tears to my eyes.

I confess, I even had a very odd dream about her. I've never met the woman in real life and I'm dreaming about her?! It's a little insane.

In all honesty, her blog is a refreshing time-out from the daily B.S. that is life and that's why I read, that is why I'm obsessed. She doesn't talk about the state of the world or her job or her troubles. She talks about the good stuff that goes along with pregnancy and her little babies. She talks about her love for her husband. She talks about gratitude. And I really like all that kind of stuff she talks about.


  1. Let's face it. We're now weird internet people and there is no gong back! Hee! Uranus, much?

  2. Ha ha I meant no going back but gong sounds better. Here's me after a couple of beers, sorrrrry.

  3. I prefer gong as well.

    Hahaha, I admit it. Uranus has taken over.