Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saturn retrograde

Saturn has gone retrograde at 17° Libra, and will continue to move backwards until June. Though Saturn may be half way through Libra, he has only just entered my 6th house. So as I sit here and reflect on Saturn in Libra, I am also starting a new journey for the next 2.5 years with Saturn in my 6th house. What do I need to learn about Libra and what will I need to learn about the 6th house?

At its core the 6th house deals with my job and health. Saturn can be seen as responsible (positive) but also restricting (negative). In Libra he needs to find balance, create boundaries instead of restrictions. In order for me to improve my health during this transit, I will need to limit (Saturn) my calories and work hard (Saturn) in the gym. To improve my job, hard work is again required. But I have to watch my boundaries (Libra/Saturn) so I don't get overworked. It's all very basic stuff that I need to do. But this part of my life is at a precipice, both my job and my health. I am nearing 30 and I need to take care of my body and begin to establish myself at work (6th house). "Or else" says Saturn. After all, Saturn is also the teacher, and if I don't learn these lessons this time around, who knows what will hit me 30 years from now when he comes back to Libra...


  1. Saturn's just about done in my 6th , I have a huge 6th house lol ,just going into the 7th after he's done retrograding :) That's what I thought I had to do with Saturn in my 6th too but the 6th just ins;t about health,it can be about service and pets as well,which is how I feel it's manifested for me ^^