Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding music

Before the wedding, I honestly labored over what song to pick out for our first dance. It felt like such a huge deal. It's one of those wedding things that you think about all your life...err, at least I did. We didn't have our own song before we got married, even though both of us are music lovers. Our first song had to have a special meaning, it's just my personal requirement. So, we decided on Stay With You by John Legend:

The story behind this is simple. Greg and I went to a John Legend concert together. This wasn't any ordinary concert though. This was a "let's stay together" concert. This was a gift. This was an "I love you". The words in this song are why we decided to stay together. Love doesn't have to be difficult. We love each other, so we will work together and we will stay together. It's that simple.

This song still brings tears to my eyes, probably it always will.


  1. Aw!!!! You make me want to get married. Shhhh don't tell. Hee hee!