Friday, July 23, 2010

Another month bites the dust

I hate it when a whole month nearly passes by and I wonder where it went and why I haven't written anything.

I made a secret promise to myself that I would continue to write, but I broke it...clearly. Now the secret is out too.

I've just been doing nothing too. Nothing at all. I get so tired of talking to people on the phone and they talk and talk and talk and inevitably the conversation turns to me and I go blank. Absolutely nothing spectacular has happened to me, not a thing! Most of the time I almost dismiss the question by saying I've just been too busy organizing things for the wedding. Which is a complete lie. Wedding planning is far easier than those ridiculous reality shows on TV attempt to purport. So in their minds I'm making phone calls, editing schedules, crafting this and that...but I'm just not. The wedding invitations alone took an astonishing three hours to make. ::faints::
I'm embarrassed at how easy it's all been, considering how difficult I've been expecting it to be.

The point is, I never feel like I have anything to talk about with people. If there was something I wanted to talk about, I don't. This is probably another reason my posts are spread so thin here too.

Finally, I should also note another point I want to make. This is that I know someday, I'll have a lot to talk about, because I'll have accomplished a lot. I know that's really vague and even weird for me to say in my "life is so short because people I know keep dying" phase I'm going through. You would think that I would be doing everything right now. And it's not that I can't. I just need some time. Because, even though life is short, I still feel like I have all the time in the world and I need a little breathing room between now and then.

If any of that made sense in my cold medicine induced ranting, I bow graciously. Thank you, world.


  1. even once a month is still writing. love to you, fishy fishy in the sea...
    ps. take all the time and reality tv you need.
    maybe having it feel easy (preparing) is the universe's way of giving you an effen break!