Friday, June 25, 2010

wine and baths and friends

I had a phone call (which I originally missed) from my best friend tonight. I was getting ready to hop in the bathtub and discovered I had misplaced my cellphone. I found it in the front room and saw that I had missed a call and received a text from my friend that said "please call me". I nearly freaked out, considering this is the girl that recently broke up with her boyfriend of five years that she has a son with. I was worried she did something because I don't know her past. We only met when we were 20 and though I know her now, I didn't know her before then.

And of that I'll say, we're who we always were, even when we're hiding.

She used to be bulimic and I didn't know her at that time of her life. Though, I wish I had. She is amazing, she is beautiful, she is full of life and excitement and wonder. I love her to the very last depth of my soul. I wish I knew her then because I would have held her in my arms and been there for her, like so many people in her life weren't that should have been.

But anyhow, I called her as soon as I picked up my phone which was an hour after the missed call. I apologized profusely, but she's too amazing to care. She heard me shuffling with the bath water. I'm a silly, wine drinking mess apparently. She laughed at me and explained that she was going out by herself tonight and needed some moral support. (phew!) I hopped in the tub and laughed with her for a half an hour about how silly we are and how much we should be together. God I miss that girl.

What a lovely evening. Take care full moon-ers and good night.