Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday morning

Usually, my man and I spend Sunday mornings on the couch watching a bad movie. However, he wanted some overtime, so decided to go in to work this morning for a few hours. I think I might meet him in the city and we'll go see Inception at the movie theater.

So remember my last post about wedding planning being so easy? Well, it's getting to be crunch time and I'm starting to freak out a little. For some reason, I'm nervous that things aren't going to come together properly. For example, we have yet to really book with a rental company for tables/chairs for the reception dinner. I'm a little nervous about that, considering there's less than 8 weeks to go. EEP!

I contacted an event planner last week, because in all honesty, I really just want some help. Plus, the event planning company also does flowers and decorations, so hiring them pretty much rounds out everything I need to get done, except the damn rentals.

Anyway. I'm so freaking excited, I cannot explain.

Another nervous point -- the RSVP. Why haven't people done this yet? I assume that those that are not responding are not coming, but then again, there are people that are not responding because they assume we know they ARE coming. Yikes. There's just a week left before the RSVP date, so I'm hoping that people get on there. I'm thinking about sending a nudge to those who haven't responded. I'm getting anxious! bridal paranoia is showing hardcore. Is it time for a cocktail yet?


  1. HAPPY HAPPY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo times infinity! the picture of you smiling for the camera----priceless. your joy shows. you deserve this happiness, loverly! xo

  2. Thank you soooooo much sweets! All my love to you! xoxoxoxo