Thursday, November 19, 2009

Serenity now...

The red planet in the flesh...

Mars is squaring my Ascendant and you really don't want to fight me, I'm volatile. I don't know why I can't lighten up. I know I have no time to myself, which is detrimental to my internal battery recharging itself.

Since my Ascendant is part of an axis with the Descendant, I have to watch how I act with my man too--seriously easy to fight him too. And we never fight either. We're that perfect couple that prefer to respect one another. I know you're throwing up right now. But we really hate fighting and see no use in it. We rarely have trouble with one another and if there is an issue, it is talked about and resolved. Almost zero conflict arises between us, seriously. But, I'm projecting my anger on him with that transiting Mars square to the Asc/Desc axis and he's getting the brunt of me constantly asking if he's cranky/upset/moody. Um, no Alicia, it's your problem. Although, Mars is square his Mercury right now, so there could be a little conflict going on with him that I'm sensing too.

Related to this, I had a terrible nightmare last night that Greg was very angry with me, verbally abusing me and we were near break up. It was dramatic and disgusting too, he said things about our intimacy that I would rather not repeat. It's always disturbing when you wake up and have to shake a dream because it felt so real and you're just hoping that the person you love doesn't really think of you as they did in your dream...


  1. Oh Alicia, I feel you on this. My dreams have been horrid lately, and of the same flavor as yours; like my husband being a total monster. Then I get so physically angry in my dream that I wonder to myself..."hmm...who's really the monster here?"

  2. Hey Shell! freakin dreams can really rock your world sometimes...

    Speaking of that, how's your sleeping, any better after the suggestions from elsa's board? Hope you're well and welcome aboard. :)

  3. UGH! I have been having horrific dreams lately...finally copped to the fact that Mars in Leo is trine my 12th House Neptune.

    I'm sorry you're being unnerved like this! I'm not an angry person by nature at all but I think a healthy dose of "stick up your ass, world!" is good for you every now and then. I like how you are communicating about feeling your fire (how marsy you feel). I think this communication will ultimately allow you to be as fire-y as you need to be:)

  4. ha ha ha i meant to say 'stick it up your ass'
    stick up your ass world just sounds hilarious to me.

  5. I love "stick it up your ass, world!" that's pretty much how I feel these days. :)

  6. I think Mars is over-rated... Neptune? God of the sea...kick ass...

  7. Alicia,
    You know what's pretty hilarious, and typical of my life's story?? I went out and bought myself a nice little dream journal (about a week and a half ago), I was anxious to see how much writing them down on paper would help.
    I haven't had one nightmare since I bought that journal! And I was previously having them either every night or every other night. My consciousness is a trickster.

  8. Shell, are you kidding?! That's awesome, I'm so happy for you!
    I used to keep a dream journal particularly for school, and my dreams got on a schedule so I would remember my dreams on particular nights (I think it was always on a Sunday night and Thursday night) and they were always extremely vivid! Crazy consciousness...:)