Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ghostly fire

I feel like a ghost as usual, but that is somewhat my own fault. What is the saying, "If you don't speak up, you'll never be heard" or "People who don't ask for what they want don't get what they want". Whatever it is, I feel like I've been either:

a. barking up the wrong trees or
b. i really am not being seen/heard.

It's more than likely a little of both. So basically, I have been barking here and there, but I haven't been barking about what I need to fulfill myself. I guess that happens and it's probably better off if people aren't seeing me barking for no particular reason.

I will be very glad when Mars moves out of my 3rd house...but he'll back again in January, just enough time to be my good old passive self for the holidays (less strife in the family zone is always good!)


  1. for some reason reading 'barking here and there' made me laugh! it reminded me of my cat, who randomly meows out of no where. Or she'll be silent for hours and as soon as i look at her her eyes pop open: "Meow?"

    maybe she's a pisces ;)

  2. Maybe! Pisces kitties are so sweet. :) Mine's a Leo, I'm sure...he cannot not be the center of attention.