Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stuck in the middle of a

I'm all jammed up thinking about my transits lately. I went through my email and dug out a reading Elsa did for me a little while back and printed it out. It reminded me of my Saturn transit (opposition my Sun/Mars). So I'm just in shock and awe right now (Uranus!) at the amount of transits I've got going right now. Besides the Saturn opposition, Uranus is on the other side, conjuncting my Sun/Mars. Then of course there's the Neptune/Jupiter/Chiron conjunction sitting on top of my Mercury, causing all the confusion and cloudiness, dreaminess...

I can't catch a break! I was shocked (Uranus) to find out this past weekend that my dad's illness (Saturn) is far worse than I thought. The last time I saw him was June of 08 and he was fine, but when my parents came to visit last week, he could barely walk up the stairs to my apartment. I keep thinking about how much time he has left, as well as G's (who has Pluto opposing his Moon right now) mom, who we were shocked to discover recently that she has tumors in her other lung that was tumor free. The Saturn/Uranus opposition is really affecting me all over the place. Not to mention my own chronic pain (carpal tunnel) that has progressively gotten worse.

I'm not complaining either, I think I'm just kind of voicing this stuff right now. I'm not in an mental pain anyway, probably thanks to that good ole' Neptune and Co. transit hitting my Mercury. I'm so clouded up in here that nothing is touching me. I'm just in shock I guess. Too much to think about.


  1. oh, i'm sorry he isn't doing so good!! that is very hard:(

  2. thank you so much. it's a day by day thing i think, one foot in front of the other...