Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Computer dies and other lives go haywire

So my computer just up and died at work here yesterday. Mercury has yet to go retrograde, but 8th Houser notes we are in the "shadow" apparently, I better get my bootstraps on for this one, cause I feel like it might be a doozy with all this grand cross energy around me.

Clearly, I'm set up with a new one (or at least a replacement) and back on the ground running...

I have a friend who is dealing with much more crap than I right now, she's going through her Saturn return AND Uranus is transiting her Piscean Venus. Her boyfriend just broke up with her and she just found out that the place she's been working at has shut down.

Here's her current transits:

Additionally, she is worried about losing her home, with no job now. I would be too with that Neptune mess man-handling her 4th house and IC. I have noticed that the women I meet with any kind of Saturn/Venus contact (she has an opposition) are very strong women, probably because they have had to deal some serious crap. But I know she'll get through this.

What I wonder is what you say to someone who is already going through this crap and you just see what's going on astrologically, after the fact. Maybe I could offer her a time-line for relief (when Saturn moves into Libra and Uranus into Aries)...

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