Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pain pain go away

My hands are killing me. Not just my hands, also my wrists, my fingers, my arms, my shoulders...they're numb and radiating pain.

I hate complaining...but I don't know what to do anymore. I have the hardest time with doctors. I hate them most of the time. I've already gone to the doctor (about a year ago) concerning my hand/wrist pain. She referred me to a specialist, an osteopath, who checked to see if I had a ganglion in my right hand, did an MRI, the works. She said I did have this ganglion thing in my palm, and I could get it removed, but it has the potential to come back. I said no thanks. This didn't help any answers for why BOTH hands are in pain daily. Clearly, I need a different specialist, one who deals with nerves, not the muscles. This is another reason I hate have to see a million different ones before you can get an answer (if you do at all).

I guess I just don't understand. I don't want to see another doctor. I don't want to go back and explain for the millionth time that this fucking sucks, can't you get that through your thick skull? I just don't want this pain anymore.

/end rant.


  1. see an acupuncturist, for heaven's sake.

  2. I had this for years...had loads of acupuncture (about 50 visits) which worked until it didn't

    I realized something that helped: I took a really good, long hard look at how I held my body and my tension in day-to-day transactions. How I sat, how I held my head, my shoulders, my wrists, my elbows.

    I was gripping my pens too tightly, twisting my spine in funny ways (thinking I was relieving pain but in fact highlighting it). Walking with my head at a tilt, keeping my elbows tight, etc.

    All of this was very subtle and took a year or two to figure out but my pain is very minimal now. And I was missing weeks of work at a time due to pain before (I use my arms a lot at work).

    Also, if you haven't already, ask your hands and arms what they are trying to tell you. I mean, meditate on it. Perhaps it is a Mercury transit. Or a Saturn transit (bones) or a Uranus one (nerves).

    I also started reminders to myself. When I got up out of a chair I would remind myself that I was not "getting up" but in fact "rising."

    Last but not least: if you can spring for it, Cranial Sacral therapy was enormously helpful. Be warned though, a lot of people think it is wack. All I can say is that it helped me see where I was holding tension in my body, and how...and that awareness saved me.

    Hope all this hokey crap helps, LOL

  3. oh yeah, and I did everything you can think of, including nerves tests at the hospital...of course they found nothing. At the worst I felt that the tendons inside my elbows were too short for my arms and extending them anything other than a slight crick was excrutiating...I mean, I couldn't even tie my shoes.

    Get to know your body better and your emotional relationship to it...might be hard with the Aquarius transits right now but plant the seed in your mind and it can be done! good luck!!!

  4. Wow, thanks for this Chris! Great great information. I think Uranus might have something to do with it...and I'm sure Saturn doesn't help matters either.

    I've pondered acupuncture, but I just don't have the money to go all the time. I just might have to try that cranial sacral thing, at least once. Sounds pretty good to me. I like stuff that is a little wack. :) Someone else suggested B6 supplements, which I started last week. We'll see how that works out...

    Yes, I keep taking time off too, I just hate sitting at this desk all day in front of this computer. I know a new job would really change things too.

    Oh yes, definitely needing to get to know my body better...taking baths really helps me with this. Saturn reminds me to take this time out and ground. Good ole' boy.