Friday, August 28, 2009

A dream poem

Once upon a time, I tried to start a blog that was just poetry...but that didn't work out. This blog was supposed to be just about Venus, or at least just about astrology. But screw that. I can't limit myself or my goddamn blog. It's all about integration. Limitations are so Saturn and I'm feeling Uranian right now (he's transiting my Sun/Mars currently). Here's a poem I did in September of 2006, when I was writing frequently about my dreams.


Sitting across the fire,
crackling sparks
the night is deep black
filled with the faces of friends,
companions, lovers
and so many others
I stand to exclaim
"everyone, come down,
down from the bleachers
huddle in close
and be one with each other"
As soon as the words
came pouring out
the crowd began to crackle
and move down closer
like the smoldering remains
of a spark turned ember

During this time, Pluto was exactly square my Sun...I studied Jung extensively during this period as well. I think this was very beneficial for that transit, even though I wasn't quite paying attention at the time. I was lost in it all. Still am I suppose, but that's ok.

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