Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Venus Venus Venus Part One

About a week ago, I took a hell of a lot of time out of my day to read this article about Venus by Dana Gerhardt.

She is completely on fire, so right about our lack of Venus in today's culture. I've read a lot on Elsa's blog about how women will block their Mars -- tampering their aggression and ability to fight. But somewhere as I read her tidbits of advice, I thought to myself, "Yes, I do that. Of course, I'm non-confrontational and avoid all conflict." But I'm a Venusian! Venus rules my chart! She's conjuncting my sun and mars! She's in the watery, feminine sign of Pisces (her sign of exhaultation)! She makes a sextile to my Ascendent and a trine to my Moon!

That's what this blog is about, Venus rules my chart! I am all woman.

More later...

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