Thursday, July 16, 2009

Odd goings on

A whirlwind is a whirlwind. Up and down, upsidedown, rightside up, flipping over, tossed, twirling, spinning, whirling, weaving, blown, knocked around, split apart, broken up and put back together.

I can't tell how I'm going to feel one day from the next.

This is Uranus. He's unpredictable. He usually comes out of nowhere with his wild, erratic behavior. And then he will leave you just as suddenly and you will just sit there and wonder what the hell happened.

He isn't all that bad. To be fair, Uranus stands for much more positive attributes -- progressive thinking, inspiration, revolution.

Some days, it feels different, other influences are more prominent. For example, the moon was in Aries for the past couple days and I was a complete mess. But somehow, today there is a new light. The moon has moved into peace-loving Taurus and I'm once again imagining a different, creative, exciting life; just as I should be with Uranus trining my natal moon.

I want to take advantage of this time period. There is a rough road ahead, I know this for certain. So instead of allowing the unpredictability of any given moment to take over, I want the inspiration and creative flow of this Uranus transit to take me to higher levels. I have decided to dust off my paint brushes, change the strings on my guitar, and wake up, live my life.

If anything I've learned so far from this transit, it's that I can't live in the past. I can't just look back and see what I was. I have to look forward and see what I will be from who I am now.

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