Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No end in sight

It's been raining forever it feels. We had two days of sun in June and July hasn't shaped up to be much better. It's weighing heavy on everyone, and as a Pisces I manage to soak up a lot of that energy too. Something is terribly wrong with the jet stream. I just hope that this isn't how the entire summer is going to turn out. New England really only gets a few good summer months a year, and this rain is washing out what time we have left.

A full moon lunar eclipse has approached--I read about this everywhere online yesterday, from Elsa's blog to the Astro Dispatch, it was the talk of the astro world. Oddly, I didn't get an inkling of what this eclipse might really mean to me. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), I don't have a planet anywhere near the 15 degrees of Capricorn where the eclipse occured. All I know is my head in the clouds. I have enough going on that I don't need to worry about some eclipse anyhow.

I feel like that artist a friend of mine told me about, all he did was paint beautiful pictures of flowers and scenery while in the midst of apartheid. All the other artists created socially influenced works, dominated by the destruction surrounding them. They mocked and shunned the artist for not having a socio-political reaction within his artwork.

Granted, I don't feel mocked or shunned, and if that is ever the case - it's my own doing. But I do feel like I am in the middle of everyone else's hurricane and mine is just a little drizzle.

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  1. It must be a Pisces thing. I feel like an emotional sponge too... I try to stay away from negative people because I seem to absorb that easily. :(

    I wasn't sure how the lunar eclipse affected me either. My Cappy planets are at 1 degree and I think 8 degrees... so I still don't know!