Monday, May 18, 2009

Dreams coming back to me

How weird that I talk to Kat about her dream and how I miss my dream journal and then this weekend, I have not just one night, but two nights of dreams I remember!
Even more interesting, I go to Elsa's blog this morning and discover that the Moon just entered Pisces (maybe late yesterday or past midnight today?). I'm having trouble remembering last night's dreams right now, but I wrote them down this morning, so I can come back and talk about them later.

Saturday night the Moon was in Aquarius, probably conjuncting my Mercury (at 28 degrees) when I had a dream about having to swim through mucky water to hang some large object on a building which was alone, freestanding in the muck. I recall being in a diving suit, preparing to descend the ladder in the the water, when someone stood over me and told me I better not go in there without some kind of footwear--who knows what could be in that water to step on!
We then went to a hardware store (where else can you find footwear in a dream?) to search for swimming footwear, but came out empty handed. I did mysteriously arrive back on the ladder wearing swimming shoes and swimming out to the building to hang the object. Weird. Dreams are just weird.

Anyhow, I hope that my dreams continue and that this isn't just a freak Moon positioning to amp up my sleeping life...


  1. How cool!!

    Maybe you subconsiously told yourself to remember your dreams... and you did! :)

    So the moon is now in Pisces, huh? hmmmm

  2. Eek! I even had some dreams last night! Wee!

    I need a new dream journal! :)