Saturday, January 15, 2011


Yesterday, I talked a little about the effect of a Jupiter/Uranus flash of insight. I can be overly passionate (Jupiter) about my great idea for that moment in time (Uranus).

But we're all wobbling these days, all around the world. More personally though, my Libra and Pisces placements can be extremely indecisive. Additionally, Saturn is reaching new territory in my chart, a place he hasn't been since I was an infant, my 6th house. I have to get serious (Saturn) about my work (6th house). Meaning, I need to put in the effort if I want to reap any rewards from this transit. Recently, Saturn returned to his natal position in my chart and all those feelings that come along with turning 30 have come rushing to the forefront of my consciousness.

"I just got married! Why don't I have a baby yet? What am I doing with my career? Why aren't I as successful as I imagined? etc etc etc"

The idea of becoming an art teacher excites me, but so do a million other ideas that I have about what I want to do when I grow up...which is about two months from now when I turn 30. This is where the issues in my chart become blatantly clear while the transits are forcing me to make some decisions about my life. I wish I could shut off the analyzing part of my brain and turn on the act now button.

We shall just wait and see, but for now, the house needs cleaning.


  1. I was 30 when I went to art school:) I know you already have a degree though...6th House is funny. I realized t.Saturn was in my 6th when I got the job at the company I'm at now. It will be 10 years in September though I work very little these days. I have lots of flashes of insight and so far I've acted on nothing! Argh!

  2. Sorry--that was me (you know me) LOL

  3. On top of Saturn to the 6th is the Jupiter/Uranus opposition. I need to work hard, but I want to break freeeeeeeeeeeee! :)