Monday, June 7, 2010


I had this dream last night...

My sister and I were hanging by our knees, upside down in a tank filled with water. She wanted to see how long she could hold her breath and while I was under with her, I looked her in the eyes and pointed to my side which was aching and came out of the water. I couldn't stay under because of the pain in my side. So I hopped off the tank and let my sister hang alone. I was talking with a handsome man for some time and realized that my sister hadn't come down from the tank. I turned to see her hanging there and I yanked the tank back from the wall, which my sister had been facing. I pulled her out of the water, and she was blue and lifeless. I laid her on the ground and began pumping her chest furiously. Water spewed out of her mouth, she coughed and the color returned to her face as she opened her eyes. She sat up and asked me what happened. She had been in the water for 100 minutes someone told me. Afterward, I began feeling such extreme guilt while still in my dream, just wishing I hadn't been so careless to leave her alone.

Her blue face in my dream is still haunting me this morning. It was chilling...I guess I saved her, but even still, I felt like I had done such wrong for leaving her alone.


  1. Sorry about the bad dream:( I hope you've been able to shake it.

  2. I've already forgotten I blame Neptune! :) xo