Saturday, February 27, 2010

It could be worse

What keeps me from not dwelling in some of the emotions I was feeling through the last couple of posts? Earthquakes. Today, the news of the earthquake in Chile which is following just a few weeks after the earthquake in Haiti, I feel sad for all the people who have lost family members, friends, and pets within the rubble.

I remember when I was living in Florida the year after a big hurricane which flew through the middle of the state, leaving behind a ton of destruction not only on the coastline but also the center of the state. There were at least 3 hurricanes which mildly affected where I was living that following season. I went out and learned how to surf in the waves of the beginning of one of those hurricanes.

Even though I'm not in the middle of the current shock waves around the earth, I know what the earth must be feeling, destruction is obvious all around me.

I believe that soon enough I'll be able to surf on a different wave, like I was able to do so many years ago.

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