Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New day, moon in Pisces

Every day is different from the one before. Today is better than the last and tomorrow might be worse than yesterday, but it's bound to happen anyway.

I'm in a much better mood here, my music is working and I can plug along and get my work done while listening. I've noticed that there is always some relief when the moon enters Pisces. It's like I can breathe again.

But there is trauma other places, and I just don't know how to put out the fires, not that I could if I tried anyhow. Some of those issues and problems are too deeply rooted to even attempt to dig out from the soil.

But I can at least take comfort in my own self satisfaction for this moment, today. I feel happy with me and that's all that I can do right now, that's all I have time to focus on.


  1. ((((you))))

    loved reading that line "happy with me"
    it warmed me, so much!