Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dad speaks.

My dad is asking me when I'm visiting during phone calls. Dad never asks me when I'm visiting. Dad barely even wants to talk on the phone. The first time I called him at the hospital and he answered, we talked a little and as the conversation was ending I said "Well, I just wanted to call and say hello and see how you were doing." and he said back "Thank you, I really appreciate it honey." It brought tears to my eyes. I tend to get a little emotional when he actually says something, because he barely speaks.
My dad has never been much of a talker. But when he does say something, it has effect.
Transiting Pluto has been opposite his Mars/Chiron conjunction. I just found it. The dots are connecting here. His health is deteriorating. His body is morphing and he's lost so much muscle and strength. Pluto is tearing him down, slowly.