Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Over compensating

I have been pretty optimistic about Christmas...and staying in good spirits. Then I confessed to Greg over the weekend, that I've been keeping this way, because if I go down - the ship is going down. I know he's miserable about the holidays, I know he's missing his mom. I worry that if I do the same thing, start feeling the same way, we'll both be sunk. I have been avoiding my feelings. But that just doesn't work.

Now I keep thinking I wish we could skip Christmas. I'm falling into the funk. I don't want to, but where else can I go? I can't put on a happy face all the time.

I miss my dad. But I hadn't seem him at Christmas for at least 3 years. The last three we spent with Greg's family. I'm really scared how much I'm going to miss Jeanne. His mom's death still hasn't hit me.

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