Monday, December 14, 2009

Ask me Astrology questions!

Thanks to my new good friend Chrispito for the personalized astrology questionnaire...she sent me some questions which I will attempt to answer myself. :) If you're interested in this astro-game, leave a message and I'll try and think up some good ones.

All in all this exercise was fun and really helped me to learn a bit more about my own chart and validate some of astrology's uses that I had somewhat ignored...

1. Where does Uranus fall in your birthchart and how does it's energy play out in one of your particular psychological patterns?

Good question! The independent rebel falls in my 7th house of love and wouldn't you guess it, my Scorpio man has Uranus/Sun conjunct, also in my 7th house. :) Uranus squares my 10H Aquarian Mercury, giving me that insatiable curiosity for knowledge. Finally, he is part of a grand trine with 11H Sun/Mars and 3H Moon. I think the 3rd is siblings, the 7th is partners and 11th is friends...those relationships just a good old grand trine should.

2. Do you remember your 8th birthday?--that'd be the year you had your first Sun/Saturn square.

This one is tough for me, my memory is really bad. BUT, if I'm remembering correctly, 8yrs old is 2nd grade and I recall loving my teacher to pieces (she had awesome 80s hairspray bangs) because she was a sweetheart. Additionally, Neptune was conjunct Saturn during my first Saturn square. I must have been in lala land. I did however, have to get glasses that year. I loved picking out my minney mouse frames, but I hated being singled out for being different.

3. Can you see how your Mercury (rules siblings) affects your relationship with your siblings? (providing you have any... I think you do)!

I have a younger sister (6yr difference) who considers me her best friend and I absolutely love her to pieces and want the best for her. Though when I was younger I wasn't very nice (sisterly fights...), I became a bit of a mother figure for her during her middle/high school years when I was almost 20 (not because our parents were away, they both worked a lot and are older than most kids' parents). I was really who she looked up to and idolized and I think she still does to an extent. I have Moon trine Mercury which I attribute to that stuff.

My older brothers (7 and 9 yrs difference) are both half brothers, though we never recognized that growing up. I saw them as my big brothers that would kick whoever's butt needed to be kicked for me. But our relationship is very Mercury/Uranus, aka unpredictable. I love them, but we don't talk much. The oldest brother has gone rogue and I have a tough time with how I feel about him.

4. What was Venus doing in your birthchart (aspects, position in chart etc) when you had your first lover/boyfriend/smooch?

This one is interesting, because Venus happens to be right in my 7th when this went down! My first kiss...just a 16 year old girl, so innocent. The boy was so cute, and I was enamored. I was on an exchange trip (australia!) and I became a whole different person than I was when I was home. People were interested in me (or scared of me) because I was different...I had been the odd one out all of my life, so this wasn't a change. However, I became exposed to the power of my sexuality (transiting venus/pluto) during this time.

5. What do you strongly believe in? What's happening in your 9th House (natally or by transit)?

So this is funny, because I don't look much at the 9th (nothing is there natally). But upon inspection from this questionnaire, I realized that there is a Jupiter/Saturn link. Capricorn lies on the cusp of my 9th house, which makes Saturn its ruler for my natal chart. Ironically, Saturn is conjunct Jupiter in my chart who is also the natural 9th house ruler. Connection! I never really got the conservatism that is supposed to go along with Capricorn on the 9th, but when I realized that Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct in my chart, that totally explains why. I have a hard time with "strong beliefs" in all honesty. I feel like things could go any way depending on the situation. So, I guess I strongly believe that I have no concrete beliefs. If that makes any sense, because it does in my Jupiter/Saturn in Libra way.


  1. this was super cool!
    i'm glad you enjoyed this...also I love your blog layout. it's fun to switch it up, hey?

  2. thanks for the questions!

    so fun to switch it up, definitely needed something a little different. wish i knew html, i'd be all over this page. :)

  3. How fun! Chrispito asked you some good ones, I think she's an astrological genius =)
    ....and I enjoyed reading your answers too!
    So can I challenge you to conjour up some questions for me?? Fun!

  4. Shell, I'll send you some questions via Elsa's private msg system!

    PS I also think Chrispito is an astrological genius! :) She always has great insight.

  5. you guys! :::blush:::
    i am not a genius but i do have uranus.mercury and try not to bore. ha ha

  6. Ooh, this is a pretty cool idea!

    Also, love the new layout. I've been working on changing mine... I'm so bored with it right now.