Thursday, September 17, 2009

Paging Dr Know

The 5th house isn't all about artistic creativity, as I have intimately discovered. Think, creation instead. Procreation to be more specific. How about fertility? Yeah. I get it.

My new OBG says I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I have been trying to figure this out for the last million years it feels. Every time I have gone in to see my PCP for an annual I have a different question, but they are always related to "DO I HAVE PCOS OR WHAT?"

I first would question my doctor why my periods were so out of whack...hint hint. I did this from 18-25. Then I started asking if there might be something else to wonder about, thyroid problems? Nope. Then about 2 years ago, after my own extensive research, I suggested PCOS. My doctor at the time didn't do anything about it.

I changed doctors.

This year, upon visiting my new doctor, and explaining my concern and lack of testing done by previous physicians, she said she would do some blood work. Months later, and who-knows-how-much-blood-they-took afterwards, I get an email with my results and a short message that says, "I don't think you have PCOS, but you might want to see a specialist". Thanks.

I make an appointment with an OBG. He looks at my test results and says, "Yep! You've got it! What do you want to talk about?"

*smacks forehead*

I am almost thankful that Mercury retrograde is in my 5th house. At least I finally got some answers. Let's hope that they're right...

I feel like I've got a lot of medical shit on my plate right now. I hope that Mercury is shedding some light and Pluto squaring is cleaning some of it off.


  1. haha they really made you become crazy with such diagnosis...

    Anyway, now are you ok? Let's take exercise regularly and enjoy your life ^.^

  2. ooooooooo

    sorry chickadee. i am glad you got answers, tho!

  3. totally! i'm just glad i have a yes rather than a maybe. at least now i can treat myself. :)

  4. Hi Alicia - found you via a network of blogs. Good luck with the PCOS. It's very frustrating when doctors refuse to acknowledge when a patient seems to KNOW something is not right, and brushes it under the carpet.

    Inevitably it will rear it's ugly head later!!!

    Great blog - keep it up!
    Holli in Ghana (Sag :)