Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Sky

The moon's position in Capricorn is currently opposing my natal moon in Cancer. Uranus is at 26 degrees and 26 minutes of Pisces, only 11 minutes from an exact trine to my Cancer moon. Even Mercury is at 26 degrees Taurus forming a sweet sextile to my moon. All of these transits are favorable. Perhaps the Moon's opposition to itself could stir up some emotions, but generally I think the skies are smiling down today, despite the current clouds and mist.

Unfortunately, I think transiting Mercury squaring my natal Mercury has been the only affect of this morning...A man approached me on my walk to work, he asked if I could help him raise money to support his walk for aids this Sunday. I knew he was soliciting me as a scam just from the portfolio he opened with coffee spilled papers and old wrinkled checks made to look like he had a list of people who had already donated to his cause. I was polite, explaining that I didn't have any money. Unfortunately, he tried to push me (Mars in Taurus) by saying there is an ATM just down the street. I again said "I'm very sorry, but I really have to get to work". This upset him and he gave me a dirty look as I walked away.

I won't be taken for a scam. The Aids Walk was last weekend, by the way.

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  1. Wow, scammers coming out of the woodworks, huh?
    That is crazy!

    The Moon is squaring my Libra moon today!