Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Loss of trust or loss of ideal

On Elsa's blog the last day and a half people have been commenting on Scorpio and trust issues. I thought about this and it's come to my attention that I have trust issues of my own.
Scorpio's ruler Pluto squares the Moon in my natal chart--this is where my trust issues and difficulty opening up with people lie. This chart aspect did not become apparent to me until recently. It was during Pluto's most recent transit which he squared my natal Venus, Sun and Mars all in succession for several years and has finally passed for me to reflect on.

I know that I am hard to be close to, but it never used to be that way. I was always trustworthy, always willing to let people in, and I still do to an extent. But challenges growing up forced me to close myself off. I went through four best friends in three years of high school. One girl chose a boy over our friendship, another chose drugs and rednecks, another chose the popular group, and the last one just chose to stick her nose up at me.

There were other trust issues I dealt with after high school--two different boyfriends reading my journal, a roommate being a tattle tail, and my own untrustworthy behavior contributing to all of it. This is where Pluto's transit to my Sun/Venus/Mars is really apparent. Perhaps I'll be more vigilant to the aspects he makes in the future.

As far as trust goes, I think maturity and experience teaches us to be guarded, but not necessarily unable to trust. I think this loss of trust is just a more realistic view of people and behavior.

I sometimes pessimistically think that growing up causes so many more layers to cloud our perspectives instead of allowing us to find clarity in who we are.

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